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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  October 22, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> good evening i'm dan ashley. federal investigators say 2 bart workers killed by a bart train saturday were responsible for their own safety. national transportation safety board safety board investigators say chris shephard and larry daniels were granted procedure called simple approval. it men one of the 2 workers was to be a lookout standing off the
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track. other free to do work. at the time they were checking out a slight dip in the rail when the train came toward them and they should have had a plan in case in case it happened. >> designation of the looking out is determined during the job briefing and plan also discussed on how and where to move into the clear of any oncoming trains for other equipment operated on either track in either direction at any time. >> investigators say the train wheels were flattened indicating the operator had time to pull the emergency brake. there were 6 people on board the train at the time. 2 of them were being trained. >> now as part of the investigation bart will close down a portion of track tomorrow. there will be no service between lafayette and pleasant hill from noon until 3:30 in the afternoon. nts b will use that time to reenact the crash. bart will offer a bus bridge to help commuters reach destination. be prepared
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for that. >> mean time we learn more tonight about the tentative agreement that brought bart strike to an end. workers get a raise of more than 15 percent over 4 years. media partner the mercury news reports that they will pay 4 percent of the pension cost. also chip in more for health care. 129 dollars month per family. 7 news reporter laura anthony with more now on the new contract. >> we compromise to get to this place. >> 10 tive deal with two largest union bart general manager grace said in the end the district put in a bit more than the 57 million dollar limit it set down last week. >> this offer is more than we wanted to pay but it is also a new path in terms of our partnership with our workers and helps to us deliver the bart service for the future. >> neither side released details but the union says the package is an economic win for the members. >> at the end of the day i
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believe our members will very proud and will enjoy the new contract we will deliver to them. >> in addition the maim union gave some safety provision they long thought. the yawn has bullet proof glass to protect the station agent. the union says it includes better lighting in tunnel and track cutting back over over grown!overgrown shrubbery and opening the bathroom at the station. >> we stand in solidarity. >>reporter: there is one calf yet to the deal. bart third union which represents more than 200 other employee including train controllers is still bargaining with bart. >> they are still at the table. their situation has not been resolved and it's our hope expectation that bart will deal with them in a full and fair manner e-in the mean time these 2 members expected to vote on the tentative agreement in the next week. in oakland, abc 7
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news. >> take a live lack now outside from the entrance in san francisco. these were people trying to get on to the bay bridge absolutely packed last night headlights coming towards you on the left. going to the bay bridge. tonight, now that the strike is over you can see moving in much better pace. this timeless night the road was absolutely log jammed stil still. last night word spread quickly that the strike was other and bart would have limited train service for early morning commuters. bart walnut creek gate opened at 4 a.m. and people showed up. still some customers waited on the platform for a train that never came. announcement said not enough employee to run the train so the station closed back down. >> announced that the they will be available at 4 a.m. so i was very excited but then rea realize that they have nobody to the drive the car. >>reporter: frustrated riders walked to the car and used
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shuttle bus. others tried to catch a ferry across the bay. i think this morning bart did have the usual 45 trains staff running with roughly 30 minute delay and it got better as the day progressed. well since the streak started people have been asking we have been asking people to sound off on the experience and all starts with these words dear bart. >> dear bart. i can't blame you for your problems you are only following what the federal government has shown you how they settle an issue. but put the people first. >> dear bart. thank you for getting back on line. and i hope you got what you wanted. >> we want to thank all of you for joining news this dear bart effort and we still would like to hear what you have to say especially on video to share it that way. poster comments on twitter at 7 news bay area or instant grm and facebook page and we are if use the hash tag dear bart. >> after the last bunch people
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wonder should this have happened, allowed to happen again. there is a growing movement now to ban transit strike after what just happened with bart. heather take as look at the effort to keep the trains running through future labor disputes. >>reporter: the striking is over. but the strike ban just getting started. >> yes the union leadership made it clear to me that i have ended my political career. so if you listen to them then this is m i siren song here. >>reporter: city councilman democrat steve glacer defy his party platform when he started ban bart petition drive to ratchet up pressure on legislators to prevent future strikes. growing list of east bay elected officials are now endorsing glacer movement. they acknowledge trying to get the state democratic majority to give up the support of labor and the money it brings with it will not be easy. one
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prominent democrat emphasized the entire bay area frustration as the tentative agreement was announced last night. >> has to be the last time this happens. i think everyone is fed up. nobody wants to see this ever happen again. >>reporter: glacer and his supporters want bargaining process that replaces streak with arbitration as the solution to deadlock. neither management nor union are expected to embrace that idea. >> if it's painful for each process for each body to have to go through then maybe they do their best attempt to make sure it doesn't reach arbitration and settle it out between themselves rather than have a third party a make the decision for them in that case. >> bart sxhuters don't need convincing despite some concern for workers. >> i don't know i just think that maybe there are better way to go bit. i think there are a lot of jobs and profession throughout that manage to work things out and rather inconvenience 400,000 people. >>reporter: glacer not revealing how many signatures he has on his petition so far. legislators could have a chance to act soon. state republican
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leaders will be reen introducing strike ban legislation by the end of the year. heather, abc 7 news. >> developing news in san francisco where city park work is being charged with killing a subpoena bather. park worker thomas better than turned himself in to authorities facing charges for vehicular manslaughter and felony hit-and-run. he is accused of running over and killing 35-year-old christine van mere while sun bathing at the park. he drove over her and then left the scene. vehicle found few block away. >> investigators have located the 10 apartment of home that was gut entered a huge fire early this morning in san rafael. fire broke out on sea view drive near san rafael hay school around 2:30 this mornin morning. tenant were due to be he viingted today. fletcher carson and l price carson just lost a court fight to landlord.
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our media partner marin ij said the couple was found at resort at marin county and plan to talk with investigators tomorrow. no word yet on what caused the fire. >> more than 100 senior citizen may kick out of mobile home park in san jose because the owner wants to sell it to a developer. that park is in a prime location along 280 very near santana road. up scale shopping area. homeowner say they well not go without a fight. 7 news reporter vick lee is on the story. >> this mobile home park sits on prime valley real estate. the neighbors winchester mystery house. across the street santana row with the luxury apartment and high end businesses and restaurants. the park is beautifully landscaped and maintained with about 100 attractive manufactured homes. streets quaint names like dry yard drive. prune way. for the seniors here it's an ideal ick retirement community.
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>> i want to stay here in the valley. 5 to levi can't afford to the leave. >>reporter: most of the residents here are over 70. 8 more than 90 years ochltd. >> we would miss our medical facilities. i have had the same hairdresser for 30 years. >>reporter: all own their own home. dave trip bought the place 37 years ago when the park opened. like most of his neighbors he pays about 1,000 a month for the space he rents and utilities. much cheaper than a senior apartment building. sfichlt get a little tiny space for 3000 dollars a month. you get one meal a day. i captain afford that. >> trip and others may have no choice. family that owns the mobile home park is planning to sell it to a builder. who most likely will convert this into a huge development. seniors aren't going to leave without a fight, they have come up with another option. >> we would like them to sell the park to us and we would like for to it remain place for to us live. >>reporter: resident next
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ballots ground may the san jose city council which needs to change the zoning before a commercial development can be built here. the owner of the park did not return our call. thinks 7 news. >> still ahead tonight on 7 news at 9:00 why the u.s. is being accused of war crimes in country where there is no troops present. >> look at the changes coming to apple new i-pad. >> spencer is here with the weather. >> all right dan. dense fog coming in some parts of the bay area officer knight but sunny skies to. accu-weather 7 day forecast in just a moment. >> thanks. and kanye west left his heart and his checkbook in san francisco. look at kanye big budget proposal a
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the challenge always accepted. and the calling forever answered. ♪ introducing the all-new 2014 s-class. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. >> bart striking is over >> this holiday shopping season shaping up to be a battle ground to see who has the top selling tablet. cupertino base apple unveiled newest version today. yesterday microsoft showed off its new model. business and technology reporter david lou on hand with
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the latest i-pad rolled out faster thinner and with a new name. >> these are the devices apple would like to see under your tree this this hotel difficult season. some lap top but the real battle is tablet. apple sold 170 million i-pad in the last 3 and a half years. this is incredible number. i can't think of another product that comes so far so fast. even more growth in mind apple unveiled i-pad air. lighter. tl and thinner. thinner in fact than a pencil. >> the team has been remarkable in finding every if hundred of a mm. from every level of the system. >> apple says fastest tablet of all. >> i-pad air has the same new chip inside as i-phone. its its powerful almost as powerful
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processing as lap top or desk top. depending on the storage and connection option the i-pad air starts at 4 99 dollars top out at 99 9 29. apple ls to ins free soft which are for the faster chip. >> apple is designing the 64 bit software for the chip as they develop the product. so when they introduce this they have great new app that run 2 to 4 times faster. apple demonstrate dad that hardware it's worth paying for. you pick up the tablet it's really, really light. >>reporter: i-pad air will be available november 1st. also a new i-pad mini come out next month. apple shaving the price of existing i-pad 2 to 2 99 dollars. >> i think the other tablet maker have a sad christmas. in all frankness apple will do extremely well this christmas in. san francisco, david louie abc 7 news. >> tls just in time for the
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holiday. amazon is raising the price to ship for free for the past 10 years they offered free shipping with minimum purchase of $25. now you have to spend at least 35 dollars to get free delivery. this change comes just as holiday shopping of course is about to take off and despite the fact that free shipping help boost sales. however, amazon says shipping is very expensive and the company is promoting the amazon prime program that cost, give you free shipping but cost 79 dollars year. >> dollar menu at mcdonald's get if you more pricey option. it will soon be called the dollar menu and more. new items will include 2 dollar sandwich and 5 dollar mcnugget. more part of the dollar menu. it will be tested out at several city including fresno and central valley. announcement comes shortly after mcdonald's announced 5 percent earnings i hope cress for the last quarter. and talk burger. talk pizza. 3 bay
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area pizza named among the best in the nation. here's look at the top 3 in the nation and top 3 local pie margarita from this pizza. the fourth best here. flour water margarita eighth best and any daily pizza from cheese named 19 best. not bad. >> about that guy is from new york. >> you like new york pizza. >> oh, yes. you do the weather i'll order in a pizza. >> let's look at live doppler 7hd we have fv fog on the coast and pushing locally beyond the coast into the this area. blue sky over the bay and inland location writ now. today high pressure spread? high at half moon pay only 54 today. chilly but inland. livermore 86 degrees. 32 degree spread between the
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coastal high at half moon bay and inland high at livermore and tonight overnight we have mixed fog in the interior valley north bay so advisory in effect from 11:00 o'clock tonight to 11:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. uppeder quarter mile and of course hazardous driving conditions bear that in mind if driving in that condition. the see a little bit of evidence of layers of fog here. obscuring our view right now. 51 degrees in san francisco. pretty cool. 55 in oakland. 57 los gatos and 50 at half moon bay. sutro tower cam are see a little bit of fog moving in as well. other temperature readings 49 in santa rosa. pretty chilly up in the north bay night. 55 nap a.64 fairfield and livermore 1 more live vow from the loop top camera. looking along embarcadero these are all
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forecast. fog overnight. mild around the bay and inland tomorrow. thursday friday and through the weekend. satellite radar excuse me shows big ridge of high pressure doll nant feature in our weather picture ray now and next few days to come so we have this dry pattern with us on into next week. mainly mild as well except at the coast. meanwhile counsel in the tropic we have got hurricane raymond which at this time last tonight was category 3. very powerful storm. category 1 but still producing a lot of the heavy flooding rain for the southern pacific coast of mexico. from acapulco northward to if of this and 75 miles per hour wind. storm is beginning to move west ward just a bit over the next couple days. weaken moving west ward and become just a harmless storm. good news. back to the bay area overnight tonight. mainly clear skies inland. over the bay but some patches of fog
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over the bay and if coast line low pressure low mid 40's on north bay. mid upper 40's everywhere else tomorrow. sunny sky high in the upper 70's. mid 70's on the peninsula. only mid 50's on the coast. downtown san francisco 64 degrees tomorrow. high up at 80 degrees over much of the north bay. the low mid 70's and upper 60's inland east baylow 80's and here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. mild weather generally. inland area through sunday cool down monday tuesday few clouds in the sky and written expected but partly cloudy monday tuesday returning cool and more fall like. >> it is cool crisp fall like out there right now. >> it is. >> thanks. still to come. 3d printing let you make anything you can think of. michael tests 3 of the consumer model available for your home right now. now. >> we show you where
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>> 3d printer could change how we travel in space. doesn't take a billion dollar budget to get your hands on this emerging technology. michael teamed up with reports to test 3 that you can actually purchase. >> you can see people using 3d printers to make all kind of stuff from drink coaster to figurine of star war character. consumer report just tested out 3d printer from make or buy 3d systems and this. it turns out they are pretty cool. >> you see the blue print you designed and out comes a 3 dimensional object.
9:26 pm
>> but what if you don't know how to design a blue print on computer. >> if you don't know how to do that that's okay. a lot of free design open the web. go to and look for thousands of designs right there. >> find ready to down load design for everything from rots to garden toe. down load the blue print and set up the printer with a roll of plastic you are good to go. >> you need a little bit of patience if you print with 3d printer because what happens is feed ago roll of plastic or some other material and it ex tried that material layer by layer to build your object. >> even building something small can take hours. >> i would say for now the about purchase is if people who are really captivated by the idea and want to play which. they are not super practical yetth. i think they will be and probably pretty quickly but they are too much money to to be a household item.
9:27 pm
>> when prices drop you too can build almost anything even your own chess set in your own home. it might be awhile before 3d printer main stream. many industry already using them for example general electric just created a model jet engine out of metal using advance 3d printing technique. car company make prototype of engine part and dentist make retaper and mouth guard all with 3 k prints. this is 7 on your side. >> incredible technology. come up next on 7 news at 9:00. why human rights group accuse the u.s. of war crimes even in country without u.s. troops on the ground. >> marine biologist say like christmas when they dissect add rare fish found last week that surprised that they found inside. >> we take you to this plate school where they actually work with dog. if stay with us.
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>> good evening again. kill it rights group says the united states killed more civilian using drones in pakistan than reported. amnesty enter until and human rights watch called now for open investigation. karen travers looks into those claims. two. human rights group said today that drone strike in pakistan and yemen killed dozens of innocent civil yachbility it's time for the obama administration to come clean about unlawful drone killing and to end the policy of secrecy. amnesty international said u.s. drone strike in pakistan could be war
9:32 pm
crimes if u.s. isn't doing all it can to prevent civilian death. white house wrongly disagreed. >> administration has repeatedly emphasized the extraordinary care we take to make sure counter terrorism actions are in accordance with all applicable law. >> at the united nations in september president said these secret strike overseen by the cia are limited. >> target only those who pose a threat to the u.s. where capture not reason and certainty of no civilian casualty. >> come to the detail. >> not have a discussion about operation issues. >> pakistan prime minister is in washington this week to meet with top u.s. officials including president obama. today the prime minister said the u.s. drone campaign violates the nation sovreignty. pakistan effort at fighting terrorism >> i would there have stress the need for end to drone attack. >> number of cia drone strike in pakistan increase significantly under president
9:33 pm
obama but it has been on decline. this year only 23 reportedly took place lowest total in 6 years. this is washington. >> investigators trying to determine what prompted yesterday deadly shooting at spark nevada middle school. authorities say they are exploring all avenue to understand why the 12-year-old boy opened fire just before school started yesterday. killing a teacher and wounding 2 classmates. before he shot himself. police still not sure when the 9mm. handgun in the shooting came if but they believe it belonged to his parents. >> i have been in contact with the parents of the is suspect in this matter and out of respect for them the we will not be releasing the identity of the shooter. they are grieving parents and are going through the very challenging and difficult time. >> police say the parents could
9:34 pm
face charges if they determine the boy got the gun from home. classmates suggest the boy may have been bullied but don't know if he had been targeting anyone in ticket the 2 students wounded in the attack are expected to fully recover. >> the oakland approach to the if you bay bridge will soon have a tropical look. this cal-trans animation shows how palm tree will be planted between the east and westbound side by side approaches. george warren looks wlat the palm tree are being harvested for the trip to the bay area. >> it took about 35 years for this palm tree to reach 30 feet. it took jaws few hours for a crane and crew to carefully pluck it from the ground. >> this is very first one. very first tree that we pulled out of the ground for that particular job. >> the job he is talking about is a row of 38 mature palm tree to line the new eastern span of the bay bridge. neighbors were surprised the search led all
9:35 pm
the way to rancho cordova a. >> bart interesting. go looking for tree like this they found thirjs all canary island date palm carefully selected from northern california. >> make a broad statement. nothing like them. they are beautiful. they are gone they are big and bold like the bridge over there too. >>reporter: the only thing that mattered to homeowner chin when he's the the ad last spring is that he wanted to get rid of his palm tree. along with slightly shorter one in the back yard. you just wanted them gone. >> exactly. they were a headache. >>reporter: he got roughly 3000 dollars for the 2 palms. only later did he and the neighbors on gloria way learn where the tree were his headed. >> i just think it's fantastic. i think this is history and every time i cross that bay bridge now i'm going to think about it. >>reporter: west coast tree the company that got the cal-trans contract has already
9:36 pm
lined up most of the palm for the bay bridge. but it's looking for a few more. this tree palm no. 1 is now headed for a better place in rancho cordoba george warren abc 7 news. >> look for the palm by the bay bridge soon. >> scientist believe 2 require fish that washed off southern california beach last week may linked. scientist started inspecting one yesterday the friend footer. the other is an 18 footer and they believe they came from the same deep part of the ocean and current swept the weak swim near turbu water near shore. while inspecting the fish biologist found a surprise. one was pregnant. inside the 6 fat long ovary were hundreds of thousands of egg. the biologist say they can learn a lot from the specimen. >> pretty critical app mall. once in a life time opportunity to see a fish like this. >> it's just so cool. i feel in very privileged to even just observe a fish like this.
9:37 pm
>> parts of the fish sent to lab around the world for analysis. strange fish. >> coming up at 9:00. popping the question kanye style. music star took
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some people need to have the pet by their side even on board an airplane. more than just travel companion. they are service dog in many instances. but the pressure of flying is not something they are usually trained to handle and it can be confusing for an animal. is david explains the flight school for dogs. >> it may look like fido in flight but this is air hollywood. studio filled with cockpit. and security check
9:41 pm
point. movie pwrid made was shot here. . but this day. >> very good. >> it's a classroom. >> one dog at a time. >> teaching nearly a dozen dog mostly service canine what it is like to fly. sight sound of airport you have probably become accustomed to the dog never experienced. this is like a real airport going through security. >> dog lover was shocked by what he saw at real airport. >> i seen a dog in a corner freaking out then hit me that i have the ability to train the people to do it a right way. >> how real. >> extras. actor hired as tsa officers. use a nylon leash. no metal. in just three days. there's more. cabin simulator
9:42 pm
that bolt and shake take off and landing and turbulence. bill carpenter hope the dog will be able to fly with his wife for emotional support. >> gifts us the confidence is he can do it. >> hollywood creating new generation of 4 legged freak went fliers. abc news los angeles. >> coming up next. gruesome >> coming up next. gruesome discovery found in
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>> school in britain shut down this week because of a spider infestation. large increase in sightings of the false widow spider at the school few hours west of london. that's the country most venomous spider apparently no. children bitte bitten. school take a few days to gas the entire building and campus before kids return. scientist say false widow population has exploded because of climate change. >> and authorities in colonel republican and democrat 0discovered this human bone used in cult religious ceremony. bone found in the tool shed of abandoned home cleaned out for sale. many of the bones were sitting inside a culvert. they believe that they are human and animal bone. authorities not sure how they got there or who they belong to. >> then this. tombstone set up in new mexico graveyard honoring tv show character has now been removed. it was installed this weekend before funeral for walt are white
9:47 pm
popular anti-hero from breaking bad. cemetery original nationally allowed it set up but family with loved ones buried nearby they complained. the it's been moved to albuquerque steak house. fake funeral raised 17,000 dollars for charity. >> spencer breaking bad with the weather. >> i want a fake funeral. not a real one. >> radar image shows cloud fog near the coast line and some quite wet and sunny skies and mild to warm conditions in the interior section of the state and mid 80'ss in chico and sacramento and fresno. 92 at palm springs. 74 in lots ang. on the coast down south 62 at monterey. bay area after some pockets of dense early morning fog in the north bay sunny afternoon sky mild conditions around the bay. high in the 70's. warm inland location
9:48 pm
tomorrow. 80's but still cool on the coast. high reach only in the mid 50's tomorrow. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. mild weather through sunday high inter80 all wait through the weekend. cool down monday tuesday with few more cloud coming in to the bay area sky but still no rain in sight for awhile but that rainy season around the corner. >> great line fake funeral. >> thanks very much. >> rap star kanye weather rented out the giant ballpark in san francisco last night just so he could ask kim kardashian to marry him. how much did something like that cost giants fans saying about it. here's wayne fichlt. >>reporter: at san francisco city hall happen lake clock work. for 160 dollars take a number say the vow to live happenly ever after. they tied the knot today. how did he propose pow. >> golden gate park. i propose i think. >>reporter: marriage. life
9:49 pm
changing. venue only a starting point. >> didn't understand sorry. >>reporter: a lot of people don't. this stadium actually san francisco at&t park where last night behind secrecy and in front of 40,000 every seat singer kanye west proposed to the over expo kim cash dash an with 50 person orchestra on hand to add romantic ambience. >> you have to be kidding me. when you have that type of money it doesn't matter what you do witness. >>reporter: just to represent the field 35,000 dollars. stadium 200,000 dollars. the then there are extras. if that jumbotron in the background cost another 2500 dollars. let's not forget the diamond. this 15 carat estimated at 6 million dollars. proposed to her in a nice dress donate the money to charity or not. this is hardly the first tame some
9:50 pm
one has proposed in a ballpark or unique place but most ostentatious. people 7 ring at at&t this year. there must be a special if something about the place why else would brian wilson throw a fit when he didn't 7 his ring in the park this year. >> he seemed a bit animated. >>reporter: so now celebrity circle we are on the map. though dubious map at this point because if as was does in public and in private. just think you get married before kanye and hopefully last longe longer. >> i know. >> in san francisco, wayne, abc 7 news. >> we will see about that. sports director larry is hivrment i think it's nice that can 80 and kim will help pay for tim's new contract all the money goes in the coffer. dan ashley next birthday party might be at at&t park. you know what, of he will fill the
9:51 pm
place up. as for tim he resee place up. as for tim he resee reseens with the jichbilitys
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>> coming up tonight on 7 news at 11:00. problems with the stairwell at san francisco general hospital months before the death of a patient there found in a stairwell. possible vaccine for diabetes. new discovery that could prevent that disease. those stories and more come up on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. but larry is here with all the sports and freight day for tim. >> it is. most people would say over paid. these fincause y valley tim and they got tim for 2 more years. said initially they were tempting free aechlingt change the mind with 2 years 35 million dollar offer
9:55 pm
of tim will be around for awhile. struggle the past few years post add regard of 10 and 14 with this earned run averag average. 17.5 million for those statistics that's high. 1.7 million for this of. huge. tim is rivetting. aura about him whether good or bad. tv ratings up. seats filled. 35 million actually slit pay cut from the last year the contract is no trade clause but stay jnt for term of the deal. red sox and cardinal tomorrow night game 1 at fenway park. rematch of the 2004 series in which boston swept ending the 86 year drought. david ortiz big popy the only about his top player who remains in the team. cardinals manager at one time a
9:56 pm
giant catcher. he played on the st. louis team in 04. doesn't want to see the same results. >> be able to make sure we focus on what we need to do and not anything beyond that. one game at a time we have been very consistent with that but realizing you give credit where it's due and the team in boston has done a lot of amazing things to make it happen this year and the past. and few of us have pretty bad memory being here in 2004 and we are looking to conditioned of right the ship. >> san francisco native brain price new manager of the red. he was the reds pitching coach past couple years. baker fired after the play offs. price went to high school in mill valley. college baseball at cal. red pitching staff one of the best in the league since price arrived. college football. whitfield made what has to be the catch of the year in college football this past weekend. almost as remarkable
9:57 pm
codey somehow managed to allude the media that want to talk to him after the game with ucla. his one happened snag with victory over the bruins. back handed. palm the ball with the right hand. first touch down catch college football player. codey and coach shaw extremely different reaction right after the play. yes i knew i had it all the way. captain say i was in the end zone but i thought i it was great catch. fortunate to have the ball come my way in the first place just because other guy were his open as well. >> to be honest i don't know fit shows on tv but when it happened i started laughing. i started laughing. uncontrollably i couldn't help it. i had to turn around and walk away i was laughing. >> good news for the cardinal. david shaw said devon juiced might be able to play this saturday against oregon state. injured the knee against ucla.
9:58 pm
at the time he was carted off looked like it might be pretty bad but mri came back negative. positive news. 21 catches 4 touch down this season. warriors will tip off the new season in 8 days. they were just voted the most exciting team to watch in a survey of nba general manager and voted curry third best shooting guard in the league which is flattering. except for the fact he plays point guard. in the survey gm listed curry behind kobe bryant elite company but seth got zero vote for the point guard position that he actually plays. so what is his take on all this? >> point guard the superbowl that's if the trophy but i'll play the position the way i play it and not worry about anything f.whatever style i play that's not my gay. i play the way i play and continue to
9:59 pm
get better at it. >>reporter: we'll talk more about. that ncaa handed down 3 year probation after long investigation into the university of miami. ncaa found the hurricane institution control especially with one booster throwing money around all over the place. they botched the investigation. canes in the mean time self impose $2 year bowl ban. they get light penalty 3 year probation. lose a few scholarship. they got off. curry. me being voted best weather man. >> it couldp had a. >> could itp had a. >> all right that's our report i know it will happen we are about out of time see you at 1 about out of time see you at 1 11:00 on channel 7
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